Information Fischerwirt

Holiday on the Achensee

Hotel Fischerwirt
Family Kirchberger
Seestrasse 15 | 6215 Achenkirch

+43 5246 6258 |

  • keyboard_arrow_rightdinner

    as part of a prebooked half board from 6 pm to 8 pm

  • keyboard_arrow_rightcheck in // check out

    Check-In on the arrival day from 2 pm
    Check-Out on your departure day after breakfast latest at 9:30 am 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightdoctor

    Dr. Hofmann in Achenkirch Tel: 05246/6219

    Dr. Waldhart im Hotel Achentalerhof in Achenkirch Tel: 05246/20292 

    nearest hospital in  Schwaz Tel: 05242/6000

  • keyboard_arrow_rightequipment room

    Access from the parking lot behind the hotel. Your room key locks the front door. Although this room is monitored by us 24/7, we ask that you also lock your e-bikes.

    Wet hiking boots, motorbike jackets or helmets are also welcome to dry here. Dryer for ski boots available.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightbathrobes

    You can rent bathrobes at the reception for 20,00 each. You will get 10,00 back at return on your departure.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightBank

    there ist a SPARKASSE and a RAIFFEISENBANK at the centre of town, just in front of the church and one is direct opposite of the municipal office.
    There is also an ATM just in front of the hotel, but please count 1,95  of fees per withdrawl 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightsouvenirs

    if you are looking for some souvenirs, tyrolean bacon, farmers cheese or a venison sausage, please do not hesitate to ask us

  • keyboard_arrow_rightpayments

    please pay your room bill at the reception by 10:00 a.m. on the day of your departure.
    If you plan to leave earlier than 7:30 a.m., please pay the day before. You can pay in CASH, by debit card, Visa or Mastercard.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightflowers

    If you are looking for some fresh flowers for any occasion please contact Blumen Seidler in Maurach Tel: (0)5243/5515 oder Blumen Wagner in Münster Tel: (0)5337/8279 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightBus time schedule

    from bus stop Fischerwirt to direction Achenkirch
    9:32 ///  9:58  ///  15:41 /// 16:58   daily
    to direction Maurach/Jenbach/ Pertisau (incl. change of bus in maurach)
    9:54 ////  16:04 daily

    from bus stop Abzw Achensee (directely next to restaurant Seeeck)  to direction Achenkirch
    8:31  ///  9:35  ///  10:31  /// 11:31  ///  12:31  ///  13:31  ///  14:40  ///  15:44   /// 16:40  ///  17:01  ///  17:40  ///   18:40  daily
    to direction Maurach/Jenbach/Pertisau (incl. change of bus in maurach)
    05:41  ///  6:54  /// 7:59  /// 8:59  /// 9:29  ///  5:52  /// 10:29  /// 10:59  ///  11:59  ///  12:59  ///  14:08  ///  14:29  ///  15:08  ///  16:02  ///  17:08  ///  17:29  ///  18:08  /// 19:05 daily

  • keyboard_arrow_rightFriseur

    Friseursalon Pany in town centre just right next to Raiffeisenbank  phone: 0664/9686880 
    Haarmanufaktur im Hotel Kronthaler 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightbreakfast

    we do have prepared a lovely  continental breakfast-buffet for you from 7:30 to 10:00 am 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightbike rental

    You can rent some bikes directely at the SPORT SHOP BUSSLEHNER, which is about 800 m in direction Achenkirch

    Busslehner Sports shop, just next to the SPAR supermarket 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightguest card /AchenseeCard

    The guest card (=AchenseeCard) is your free ticket for the local bus system: You might also get a reduction on the main attractions around the region 

  • keyboard_arrow_righttowels for sauna

    you find directely at the sauna area. 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightpets

    you pet is also welcome at our hotel, but please do not put dogs on the sitting area of the restaurant as other guest might be annoyed. You can also bring your pet to the restaurant.

  • keyboard_arrow_righthotel entry door

    the main door is locked from midnight. If you might return very late, please take your room key with you, it locks the door. Our entry area is monitored 24/7 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightInternet

    our system is called OPENWEB. This is free for hotel guests. Please just click on the button: For free Internet

  • keyboard_arrow_rightpostpartner

    is situated at  Elektro Moser in town centre if you want to send a parcel. You can also get some stamps and postcard at the reception, we will send these ones for you. There ist a post box (yellow) in front of the hotel at the terrace

  • keyboard_arrow_rightchurch

    visit our beautiful parish church in the town center and the beautiful Annakircherl on the hill nearby. Tel Pfarramt (0)5246/6238 

    Parish Church of St. John the Baptist. The parish church in Achenkirch was built between 1748 and 1750 according to plans by Jakob Singer and consecrated on August 1, 1750 by the Prince Bishop of Brixen, Leopold Graf Spaur. The tower with the onion dome dates back to 1755. A church was first mentioned in a document in 1122. In 1141, Bishop Hartmann von Brixen commissioned the Benedictine monastery of St. Georgenberg with pastoral care in the Achental.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightSupermarket

    SPAR Supermarket about 800 m in town
    M-PREIS Supermarket around 1500 m in town

  • keyboard_arrow_rightSauna

    the sauna is open in winter month from  2pm to 8pm every day. In the summer month we will remind you to ask in the morning for the sauna if you want to use this, as we are not turning the sauna on automatically. 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightRestaurant

    our a la carte restaurant is open from 10 am to 11 pm. We do serve warm dishes from 11 am to 9 pm. If you booked your stay in the hotel without half board, please do not hesitate to contact us to reserve a table as we are often very busy at dinner times. 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightTaxi

    there is no taxi company in Achenkirch, the nearest is in Maurach at Taxi Kröll (0)5246/524343280
    we can also organise for you a transport to the main airports like Innsbruck or Munich

  • keyboard_arrow_rightparking lot

    You will receive a free parking card from reception for the duration of your stay. Please note the hotel's private parking spaces at the rear of the building, as well as the other hotel parking spaces across the street. The car park directly over the wooden bridge is a public metered car park owned by the local community and is inspected daily

  • keyboard_arrow_righttap water

    you can drink the water from every tap of the hotel, we do have drinking water quality.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightemergency phone numbers

    fire fighters 122

    police 133

    health rescue 144

    international emergency call 112

  • keyboard_arrow_rightMassage

    You are welcome to sign up for massages at reception, our self-employed masseuse comes to the hotel on selected days. Please note that the massages are to be paid directly to the masseuse.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightcar-workshop

    Autohaus Hecher in Achenkirch (0)5246/6956 oder

  • keyboard_arrow_righttelephone

    Please dial:  0044 and afterwards the area code or mobile number without the zero
    You can be reached at: 0043/ 5246/ 6258 + room number
    Important area codes:
    0049 Germany
    0031 Netherlands
    0041 Switzerland
    0032 Belgium
    0039 Italy
    0044 UK

  • keyboard_arrow_rightdryer for clothes

    if your clothes got wet during your holidays, you can use our dryer for FREE on the first floor at the sauna area. 

  • keyboard_arrow_rightvending machine

    on the first floor, there is a vending machine, where you can get, toothpaste, razor, toothbrush, bath slippers, washing powder, snacks and some drinks 

  • keyboard_arrow_righttraffic information
  • keyboard_arrow_rightwashing machine

    at the sauna area, there is also a washing machine. washing powder you can get at the vending machine directely on the first floor also. 
    first put all your clothes into the machine, choose the program, put washing powder inside and at least put 6x50 cents into the slot and start the machine


  • keyboard_arrow_right
  • keyboard_arrow_rightweather
  • keyboard_arrow_rightimportant phone numbers

    for the reception 999

    International emergency call 112
    ambulance 144

    You can also reach family Kirchberger directely on the cell phone if there is something important
    Please dial 999

  • keyboard_arrow_rightdentist

    Dr. Oltenau in Achenkirch Tel 05246/20239

  • keyboard_arrow_rightvet doctor

    Herr Christan Messner in Schwaz Tel 05246/72559 oder Tierambulanz Schwaz 05242/66111