Summer holiday at Lake Achen

Adventure holidays in the Karwendel

It is the spectacular scenery around Lake Achen that makes the region here so special. As the biggest lake in Tyrol, Lake Achen is also very popular with sailors, surfers and kite surfers who all enjoy the water along with the swimmers here. At Lake Achen you can choose from more than 500 kilometres of clearly signposted hiking paths, 250 kilometres of cycle paths and 183 kilometres of running paths as well as numerous climbing routes. E-bikes can also be hired and recharged throughout the area.


Walk along soft forest floors, flower-lined paths, bright alpine roses and impressive mountain scenery: in the Rofan and Karwendel mountains, walkers can look forward to more than 450 km of hiking paths. Walking around Lake Achen is a great outdoor experience.

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Nestled between the Rofan mountains and the Karwendel Nature Park, Lake Achen glistens in a wonderful blue and turquoise colour. Swimmers in the area around Lake Achen enjoy an all-round, easily accessible bank whilst nature enthusiasts love the colours which are almost reminiscent of the Caribbean. This is because the water’s surface shimmers in glorious shades of turquoise, blue and aquamarine due to the light-coloured limestone rock.

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