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Terms and conditions of cancellation and hotel contract conditions

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Below are our special terms and conditions of business – everything else is included in the hotel contract terms and conditions.

We guarantee free cancellation up to 24 hours before due arrival if the following applies:

  • You have tested positive for Covid 19 or are isolating (relevant proof of positive test required).
  • We are unable to open due to Covid 19 related reasons.

If one of the above applies, we can cancel your reservation for free. Standard terms of cancellation for individual guests (outside of the current coronavirus pandemic)

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCancellation

    Cancellation between the date of booking and the 30th day before arrival is subject to a payment of 20% of the booking total

    Cancellation up to 21 days before arrival: 40% of booking total
    Cancellation up to 15 days before arrival: 60% of booking total
    Cancellation up to 8 days before arrival: 80% of booking total
    Cancellation less than 7 days before arrival: 90% of booking total
    Cancellation one day before arrival or on day of arrival (or no show): 100% of booking total

    • Cancellation must be made in writing and received by the hotel within the above-mentioned deadlines.
    • Guests who do not uphold a booking for the agreed period or who do not cancel, must pay 100% of the booking total (including all booked accommodation, meals and any other booked services).
    • The agreed price is that for accommodation, catering and other booked services.
    • If not all booked accommodation is occupied or cancelled by the guest, the percentage to be paid is based solely on the agreed price for the spaces/beds which are not occupied or cancelled by the guest.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEarly departure

    Regulation in case of early departure of the guest:In case of early departure of the guest(s), the guest(s) or the orderer is/are obliged to pay the price for the days enjoyed and to pay 100% of the agreed price for the agreed remaining, but not used, services.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightGroup travel
    • Group travellers are persons travelling together who are regarded as one unit by the ordering party and the accommodation provider.
    • A group shall be deemed to be a travel group with a minimum number of participants of 15 persons.
    • At the latest 4 weeks before the agreed date of arrival of the guests, the Ordering Party shall inform the Proprietor of the number of guests by means of a written notification (room list).
    • If reservations of individual members of a travel group or the entire travel group are cancelled, the above cancellation conditions for individual travellers shall apply, unless otherwise contractually agreed.