Take away

Fischerwirt am Achensee - TakeAway Karte
Cordon bleu with french fries 14,-
mixed salad
portion of french fries
fillet of hake in pumkin seed crust with leek-potatoes 11,-
Tyrolean escalope filled with bacon and traditional grey-cheese, french fries or boiled potatoes on the side 14,-
"Kasspatzeln" (small flour dumplings) with cheese and green salad on the side 10,-
hash browns filled with spinach and feta cheese with mixed vegetables on the side 10,-
grilled escalope of pork with mushroom-cream sauce and spätzle on the side 13,-
Kaiserschmarren with raisins and apple mus 9,50
Escalope of pork vienna style with boiled potatoes or french fries and cranberries 13,-
homemade dumplings with cheese and spinach, melted butter and parmesan cheese, mixed salad 11,50
dish of the day 7,50
we are open for take away until the end of the lockdown
from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5pm to 7 pm

Delicious cakes (Sachertorte, plumcake, creamcheesecake, cake with wildberries, apple cake, apple strudel, curd cheese strudel for take away each 2,30 euro.

You are staying in Achenkirch with a group and are looking for a catering? We are happy to deliver a pre-ordered meal to your accommodation for groups of 20-40 people at the time you specified. (Dishes, cutlery, glasses not included). We would be happy to send you menu suggestions by email.

Fischerwirt Menu

Fischerwirt - Kaiserschmarren mit Apfelmus

We also have a changing seasonal menu  (which is not online)

Typical austrian cold Snacks......

"Strammer Max": bread with ham, sausage and fried egg A/C/F/G/O 6,00
Cold roast pork with horseradish, and bread A/F/G/M/O 10,50
Tyrolean plate of Bacon with bread and butter  A/C/F/G 10,50
Cold mixed plater of sausages and cheese with bread  A/C/F/G/L/M/O 10,50
Austrian salad made of sausage, onions and cheese, bread on the side  A/C/F/G/L/M/O 8,00
Sausage in slices with Vinaigrette, onions and bread  A/C/F/L/M/O/G 7,80
Boiled Beef (cold) with Vinaigrette, onions and bread A/C/F/L/O/G 9,80
Homemade brawn with Sauce tartare and  fried potatoes C/L/M/O 9,90
1 Piece of smoked fillet of trout  (cold) with horseradish and bread  D/G/O 11,00

Salads and soups

Clear soup with sliced pancakes A/C/G, fried batter pearls A/C/G  or noodels A 3,50
Clear soup with vegetables, sausage, boiled Beef, noodels A/L/G/C 5,50
Gulash soup with bread A/G/L 6,00
Carlic soup with bread croutons A/G/L 5,50
1 Piece of grilled cheese dumpling in clear soup A/C/G/L 5,00
2 pieces of grilled cheese dumplings in clear soup A/C/G/L 7,00
Salad from the buffet 4,50
Portion of garlic bread  A/G/L/M 2,80
Mixed salads with grilled fillet of chicken G/O/A/L 12,50
Mixed salads with grilled fillet of hake  A/D/O/G 12,50

Menu for Kids....

Mickey Mouse: grilled vienna sausage with french fries, ketchup O/G/L 6,00
Spiderman: Chicken Nuggets with French fries, ketchup A/C/G/L/O 6,50
Superman: Escalope of pork "vienna style" with French fries, ketchup A/C/G/O/L 7,50
Batman: Grilled escalope of pork with creamsauce and spätzle (small flour dumplings) A/O/C/G 7,50
Donald Duck: Spaghetti Bolognese A/L/O/G 5,50

Main dishes......

„Fischerwirts mixed grill“: Grilled pork, chicken, Beef, bacon, sausage with vegetables and french fries, herbbutterD/G/L/M/O 17,50
Haunch Steak „Hofmeister“: with mixed vegetables, French fries and herbbutter  D/G/L/M/O 24,00

Holzfällertoast: Grilled pork escalope  with sauteed bacon, onion, mushrooms on black bread with salad garnish A/O/G/L

Cutlet of pork with mixed vegetables and roast potatoes, herbbutter   A/D/G/L/M/O

Hühnerfilet gratiniert:
Grilled fillet of chicken, gratinated with tomato and Mozzarella cheese, and zucchini-Rice on the side  A/O

Cordon bleu of pork with french fries and cranberries A/C/G/L/M/O





Typical austrian and tyrolean main dishes.....

Small flour dumplings (spätzle) with cheese roast in pan, and green salad on the side A/C/G/O/L
Viennese onion roast beef with fried potatoes on the side A/O
Beuscherl: Stew of hearts and lungs in gravy with dumplings A/C/D/G/L/M 8,50
Herrengröstel: Sliced potatoes with small pieces of roast pork, smoked meat and boiled Beef  roast in pan with fried egg on top and coleslaw (no carrots)A/C/OG/L 9,90
Blutwurstgröstel: Sliced potatoes and blood sausage roast in pan with fried egg on top and coleslaw (no carrots) on the side A/C/OG/L 10,50
Rindsaftgulasch: Hungarian stew of beef with homemade dumplings A/C/G/L 14,00
Wiener Schnitzel: Escalope of pork with potatoes and cranberries  A/C/G/L/M/O 13,50
Kaspressknödel: 2 pieces of grilled cheese dumplings with salad garnish  A/G/C/M/O 9,50
Kalbskopf: Calf´s head pressed and made "Vienna style" with potatoes and sauce tartare A/C/G/M/O 10,50
Almrösti: Hash Brown gratinated with Bacon, ham,  tomato and cheese and salad garnish on the side  A/F/G/O 10,50
Blut und Leberwurst: Typical austrian blood and liver sausage with potatoes and sauerkraut'A/O 10,00
Bauernschlachtplatte: Diffrent meat (roast pork, smoked pork, blood  and liver sausage) with dumpling on Sauerkraut /C/G/L/O 14,00
Schweinebraten: Roast pork with gravy and homemade dumpling A/C/G/L/O 11,50
Gekochtes Ochsenfleisch: Boiled Beef with vegetables, potatoes and horseradish L/O/A/G 13,50
Tiroler Leber: Pork liver in gravy with onions and Bacon, potatoes on the sideA/O 13,00
Alm-Schnitzel: grilled escalope of porc , gratinated with bacon, onions,  and potatoes on the side G 15,50

Typical austrian fish ....

Forelle Müllerin: Fried trout "Miller style" with almond butter and potatoes A/D/G/H/O 17,80
Forelle blau: Trout boiled with melted butter, cream-horseradish and potatoesD/G/O 17,80
Saibling: Fried char with melted butter with potatoes A/D/G/O 19,50
Seehecht-Zander: Grilled fillets of hake and pikeperch with caper-tomatobutter and zucchini-Rice on the sideA/D/G/O 17,50
Seehecht: Grilled fillet of hake with leek-potatoes and herbbutterA/D/G/L/M/O 12,50

Venison and deer from local Achensee-region

Waidmannspfanderl „St. Hubertus“: Ragout of venison, roast venison, grilled venison-sausage, Bacon, venison meat loaf, homemade dumpling and cranberriesA/C/G/L 19,50
 Hirschbraten: Roast venison in gravy with griled bacon and  spätzle on the side A/C/G/L/M/O 18,00
Hirschragout: Stew of vension and deer with homemade dumpling and grilled bacon A/C/G/L/M 13,50
Gamsbraten „Wildmeister Florian“: Roast chamois with  bacon-mushroom-sauce, cranberries, croquettes A/L/M/O 20,00

Desserts and Sweets

  Germknödel: yeast dumpling filled with plum marmelade and  with butter and poppy seed on top OR with vanilla sauce and poppy seed A/C/G 6,00
"Kaiserschmarren": sliced pancake sugared and with raisins and apple mus on the side  A/C/G/O 9,50
Pancake filled with hazelnut-ice cream, chocolate Sauce and whipped cream  A/C/G/E/H 5,90
Apple strudel  A/C/F/G/H/O  or White cheese strudel with vanilla Sauce  A/C/F/G/H/O 4,90
Small warm chocolate-nutcake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate Sauce and whipped cream A/E/G/C  6,00
Salzburger Nockerl (waiting time ca. 35 min) A/C/G 18,00
Different types of cakes (varies every day) with whipped cream
 (Wild berry cake A/C/G/H, Cheese creamcake A/C/G, Chocolate cake (Sachertorte) A/C/E/F/G/H , cheesecake  A/C/G/H/O, plumcake with crumbles A/C/E/G/H )
Diffrent types of cakes WITHOUT whipped cream 3,10

A- Cereals containing gluten
B  - crustaceans
C - eggs
D - fish
E - peanut
F - soy
G - milk / lactose
H - nuts
L - celery
M - Mustard
N - sesame
O - sulfites
P - lupins
R - Molluscs

We want to alert allergy sufferers that we are working in our inn with allergens above and that traces of it can be found in ALL of the food we prepare. 


Campari Orange oder Soda 6,50
Martini bianco, rosso 6,50

Sherry dry

Aperol Spritz

"Schilerol" (rose-wine with juniper berries  and rowan berries, mixed with soda and ice)




alcoholfree drinks

Coca Cola, zitro, Fanta, Cola mix, lemonade with herbs 0,25 lt 2,90
Coca Cola, zitro, Fanta, Mezzo Mix, lemonade with herbs 0,5 lt 4,-
mineral water with  or without gas 0,3 lt 2,90
mineral water with or without gas 0,75 lt  4,50
Apple- Abricot-, Orange- Black currant- or Rhubarbjuice mixed
with soda  0,5 lt
Apple- Abricot-, Orange- Black currant- or Rhubarbjuice 0,25 lt 3,20
Coca Cola light 0,3 lt 3,50
Rasperry syrup or Elderlower syrup with soda 0,5 lt 3,40
Ice tea lemon 0,5 lt 4,-
Tonic water, Bitter lemon 0,2 lt 3,-


Oberbräu Hell oder Radler 0,5 lt 3,90
Oberbräu  Hell oder Radler 0,3 lt 3,10
1605 Weizen oder Russe 0,5 lt 4,20
1605 Weizen oder Russe 0,3 lt 3,20
Naturtrübes Zwickelbier 0,5 lt 4,20
Naturtrübes Zwickelbier 0,3 lt 3,20
Alkoholfreies Bier 0,5 lt 4,20
Wieselburger 0,5 lt 4,20
König Ludwig dunkel 0,5 lt 4,20
König Ludwig Weizen alkoholfrei 0,5 lt 4,20

warm drinks

Espresso G 2,30
coffee  G 2,90
double Espresso G 3,90
Autrian Milk coffee (latte macchiato) G 3,30
pot Cafe Crema G 3,80
Cappuccino with milkfoam or whipped cream G 3,30
pot filtered coffee (american coffee) 3,-
Kaffee Hag (coffee without caffein) G 2,90
apple-elderberry punch with rum 4,-
Assam tea with lemon or milk G 3,10
hot water with lemon juice 2,90
hot chocolate  F/G 3,60
mulled wine or "Jägertee" 0,25 lt  4,50
Take a look at our tea card with a variety of teas like Assam, earl grey, peppermint, berry tea, camomille, green tea, ginger-ginseng tea, Chai latte, rooibos vanilla, ..... G 3,10
alcoholfree apple-elderberry punsch 0,25 lt 2,40
warm milk mit eggs-liquor  G/C 4,-
Irish Coffee G 7,-

prosecco and champagne (enthalten Sufite)

Schlumberger Sparkling, trocken 0,75 lt 38,-
Veuve Cliquot Champagner 0,75 lt 85,00
Prosecco 0,75 lt 25,-

red wine  (enthält Sulfite)

Austrian dry red wine  0,25 lt 5,20
„Himmel und Hölle“ medium dry red wine 0,25 lt 5,20

white wine (enthält Sulfite)

Austrian dry white wine 0,25 lt 5,20
Austrian medium dry  Muskateller 0,25 lt 5,20
white or red wine spritz with soda 0,25 lt 2,90

spirits all 2cl

Obstler (apple-pear schnaps) 2,50
Williams-pear, abricot, rasperry, Enzian (gentian) schnaps  3,20

Hazelnut schnaps  E/H

Swiss Stone pine liquor with honey



herbal liquors all 2 cl

 Jägermeister, Gurktaler 3,20
Asbach 3,50
blue berry liquor or egg liqueur G/C/E/H/F/A 3,20

Restaurant and groups for lunch/dinner

  • Weinstüberl for up to 20 persons
  • Traditional old fashioned "Gaststube" from 1875 for about 20 persons
  • Veranda for up to 50 persons
  • Large, sunny terrace for 100-140 persons
  • Hirschenstube for up to 90 persons

Linger at our typical tyrolean restaurant with friends, family or group 

In order not to prevent a quick onward journey, we also need a little time for preparation in our kitchen. We therefore ask for  a pre-booking for larger groups  to discuss further details and possible menu suggestions. Short-term group reservations (up to 1 day before arrival) are also welcome. Simply contact us by phone or email before!
We will definitely find a delicious solution!

For groups for more than 20 persons, we have prepared a slightly reduced bus menu , which we will gladly send you by mail. If you want a set menu for your group don´t hesitate to contact us! 

Opening hours from 9am to midnight
warm dishes we serve from 11am to 9pm 

Typical tyrolean since 100 years

Fischerwirt Weinstube

Tiroler Wirtshauskultur im Fischer WirtAwarded with the the seal of tyrolean culture

If it did not exist, one would have to invent this idyll: embedded between maountains and lake, the "Fischerwirt am See" has kept Tyrolean hospitality in honor for more than 100 years. Where the lake is on the doorstep, of course, a tasty fish palette is not missing! Trout, char or hake land fresh on the plate. In addition, there are every year in October / November, the "Martini-weeks" , with fresh and juicy fried goose. Autumn time is also venison time. There is a choice between chamois, deer and venison specialties from the region.

In the guest rooms Tyrolean culture is in the air and those who would like to enjoy even more can satisfy their curiosity in the well-stocked museum of local history Sixenhof nearby. You can also breastfeed your hunger for nature - a boat trip on the Achensee, hikes to the Karwendel or cycling trips can be wonderfully combined with a visit to the "Fischerwirt".

We’re happy to inform that Fischerwirt am Achensee has been awarded a Recommendation badge by Restaurant Guru according to the visitors’ reviews!

Opening hours daily from 9am to midnight
warm dishes we serve from 11am to 9 pm

Der Fischerwirt am Achensee - Seezeit Winter 2017

Enclosed the report in the Seezeit Winter 2017